PWYP Joins OGP Nigeria’s Technical Committee On Extractives

On 20th June 2017, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) subcommittee on extractives had their inaugural meeting to fashion out plans to address myriads of challenges facing Nigeria’s development. The meeting was declared open by the Mr. Kayode Fayemi, the Minister of Solid Minerals who is also the Chairman, Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives – NEITI. The extractive subcommittee meeting took decision on lots of extractives issues and set the ball rolling on other burning issues, like sales, production data transparency, under open data initiatives of Open Government Partnership.

During the OGP Sub Committee of extractive meeting, Publish What You pay – Nigeria, through its National Coordinator – Mr. Emeka Ononamadu, presented a report on activities implemented by CSOs to realize the OGP process in Nigeria since inauguration. Another interesting topic presented was on Building transparency in the Extractive Industries through the Effective Implementation of OGP National Action Plan.

The meeting of extractive subcommittee is the first among other committees, to be held first. This suggests the seriousness that Nigeria Government has placed on the implementation of open government.

At the end of the highly engaging meeting, the technical Committee on extractive was set up to provide adequate technical input to all extractive sector programmes.

The membership of the OGP technical committee on extractives includes:

  1. Dr Kayode Fayemi – Minister of Solid Minerals and NEITI – Chair
  1. Representative of NEITI Companies Forum
    1. Representative of OPTS
    2. Representative of Marginal Field Operators
    3. Representative Solid Minerals
  1. Representative of Department of Petroleum Resources – DPR
  1. Representative of Ministry of Petroleum
  1. Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
    1. National Coordinator, Publish What You Pay- Nigeria  – PWYP
    2. Representative, Centre for Development Support Initiative
  2. Media representative
  1. Representation of Crude Oil Marketing Department (COMD) – NNPC
  1. Representative of Weights and Measure Department of the Ministry of Trade and Investment
  1. Representative of Industry Unions (NUPENG/PENGASSAN)

This standing Committee has been charged to ensure with technical input on how to ensure that OGP is rooted in all aspects of Nigeria’s extractive involvements in line with Government’s intentions in making all government affairs.

This technical Committee will also serve with the provision of technical support in all OGP activities in the extractive sector. PWYP – Nigeria promises to keep the world abreast with the activities and happenings at the OGP secretariat.

The extractive sector contributes over 80% to Nigeria’s economy, therefore, this display of implementation of OGP in the extractive sector, will contribute over 80% to the reduction of corruption in Nigeria. Reduction of corruption in Nigeria extractive is reduction of 80% of corruption in Nigeria.