Publish What You Pay-Nigeria Two Day Multi-Stakeholders Training

The Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Nigeria with support from Ford Foundation held two-day training from 27th-28th July 2017 at Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The training was designed for multi-stakeholders working in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) standard application process. Improved accountability engagement and deepening EITI application in Nigeria was the prime focus of the training.

Participants for the training were selected from the NEITI Civil Society Steering Committee members, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), media, academia, professional bodies, International Development Partners (IDPs) and PWYP members across Nigeria. Also, Miss Faith Nwadishi, the EITI International Board member participated in the training.

The training was designed to deepen the knowledge and skills of civil society organizations working for extractive sector transparency.

Improving civil society participation in EITI processes, engraining the EITI process and stepping it down to communities and improving the multi-stakeholder’s involvement in extractive sector’s governance are the core aim of the training.

At the workshop, participants identified five priority areas CSOs will work on in the EITI validation process in Nigeria for the next three years.

The identified priority areas are:

  • Environmental degradation, and mainstreaming human rights into environmental impact assessment
  • Beneficial ownership and sub-national transfer and utilization
  • Contract transparency
  • Output and measurement :artisanal mining and metering in the oil & gas sector
  • Capacity strengthening on Community Development Agreement (CDA)
  • Laws and Policies regulating the extractive sector
  • Gender and extractive

At the event, participants called on the Nigerian state to halt pioneer status practice. They argued, many hide under the practice to shortchange the state and the people.

They equally pointed out the need for citizens to demand accountability in all processes in the extractive sector. And in the accountability demand, proactive disclosures, contract transparency and open data must be a key focus.

Publish what You Pay-Nigeria, Abuja Secretariat