The emergence of the new leadership of Publish What You Pay Coalition during a time when Nigeria’s leadership has resolved to fight corruption, reform the extractive sector, and diversify the economy into Agriculture and  solid minerals etc., is not  a mere coincidence, it is a sign of an emerging new Nigeria that will be built on public accountability and transparency, a newNigeria, which will be stripped of all corruption garments,and an extractive sector that will be naked for every Nigerian to see and trust. Though this appears like a late journey which would have started long ago, but it is better to be late than never.

This median edition of Extracting Accountability newsletter is a sign of our renewed effort to work for that new Nigeria where transparency takes precedence, where Nigerians will be fed with reports of stewardship instead of looting our commonwealth. The fears which corruption news, reports of environmental impacts and negative developments like the repeal of Dod-Frank law will be replaced by positive reports of municipal laws that will sanitize our extractive sector. The seven big wins is an early bird with more reforms expected. These reforms will only work when, from outset, they are open, transparent and participatory.

From now on, PWYP members and entire Nigerians will be informed and updated with actions, views analysis and opinions in the extractive sector, on regular basis. We, therefore, call on citizens to join hands with all stakeholders to enthrone probity and transparency in the extractive sector which provides Nigeria with over 80% of its annual revenue since independence. It is our belief that with openness and accountability, Nigerians will effectively use the mono-economy to get out of the mono-economy like an expert recently predicted.  PWYP-Nigeria is prepared to engage the process of reforms and diversification so that the key problems that bedeviled oil and gas sector will not be transferred to the solid minerals sector which is one of the diversification destination of Nigeria.

The recent media reports on the extractive sector corruption call for vigilance and intensity of actions on NEITI audit remediation and dissemination issues which have been outstanding since 2009. Publish What You Pay Nigeria needs all hands to be on deck. Happy reading.