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Newsletter, 2017 September Edition

EITI Standards: Extractive Accountability Fulcrum

Revenues from natural resources when properly utilized will engender development, creates jobs and address poverty. Nigeria, a country in transition needs huge investments in infrastructure, education, health and others. This is possible if revenues from natural resources are properly harnessed […]

Mining, Community Engagement And Accountability Process

In mining operation, power base lies with community engagement, and that must put the community at the centre of mineral exploration and resource utilization in a way that will give room to well-suited economic growth, social-cultural well-being, and environmental safety. […]

Clean Energy From Dirty Fuel: A Case For Coal Briquettes

Coal is often described as a dirty fuel emitting smoke that is offensive and containing constituents that are harmful to human health. Moreover, some raw coals are highly friable and are not easily handled or distributed in their natural state. […]

Mining: Land Grab And Livelihood

The new scramble for Nigeria targeting primarily the solid mineral is apparent, and for emerging economy like ours that sees agriculture as a major job creation, there is the fundamental need to pay adequate attention to what this trend portends […]

Open Data: Central To Transparency And Accountability In Extractive

Open data policy is the governance instrument on making data publicly available, accessible, and usable in a simplified format. It is a growing advocacy tool for effective policy and evidence-based engagement. Open data facilitates greater transparency, efficient services delivery, and […]